Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bucket list 2014 - top 5

So I have made my bucket list and posted it. But I was thinking, one plain list is soooo boring, so I thought i'd post my top five, and reasons why.

  1. Make myself a new wardrobe. Omg, I love new things!! New things, shinny things, nice smelling things...they are to die for! Everything in shops theses days are short, tiny, low necked or open backed. With a few exceptions of course. And also, you never know when sewing can come in handy. (And somethings you can make are super cute) :)
  2. Keep a journal. When I'm older, I want to be able to look back on my life, and read about what I did (and also have my memories stored safely). I'm not that good a keeping a journal...I have tried but I just forget, don't have anything to write about etc.
  3. Take heaps of photos. I love looking at photos of me. Not in a vain way! I just like looking at how I looked once, and what I used to do. And photos can be a real laugh sometimes. The memory thing again really.
  4. Make lots of new friends. I'm going to a new school next year and I only have three close friends (and a sibling) that are going there. THREE!!! My friend situation has only been worse once, when it was zero friends at a new school. 
  5. Have an awsum 2014. Everything. In general. Sports. School. Grades. Friends. Completing my bucket list. Just everything really.

Who likes my new signature??


  1. If you take to many pictures, you will fill up the hard drive :o ;)


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