Saturday, 28 September 2013

Grumpy teachers

Lets get straight onto the topic: Grumpy teachers. At my school, teachers are, like always away or on relief. (What about us? We haven’t had a single teacher only day and it’s third term holidays!!) We had this really grumpy reliever in term one that wouldn’t let us use dictionaries and thesauruses for our writing. And in term two there was one that wouldn’t tell me if I had any spelling mistakes, she just say: “go fix it”. Go fix what??? Then this guy teacher who said: “ I’d rather play games with you, but your teacher has set you stuff to do.” Well duh. And then he’d get mad if we talked, and would read all our work out real loud, so the whole class could hear. And then he was like to me about my writing “This make no sense!!” When the task was to use 10 certain words in a paragraph, and two of the words were: pilot and production. Doesn’t it make sense that it was supposed to be was report about a production, staring a pilot. He was the worst. Wait, not as bad as the teacher that want us to explain how everything was done, and then told us that we were all wrong. Were’s the logic in that?!? We had this one two days ago who got mad at these two friends for choosing the same topic for there writing. There were only four topics. Gosh. And then she got mad at them again for whispering about their writing, when these other three girls were talking about something total unrelated, and real loudly. Then she got mad because one of them was sticking his feet out the side of his desk. OMG much!
Luckily its holidays now, so no school for two weeks. YAY! 

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