Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hello, 2014

In just 4 hours and 42 minutes, it is new years day here in the NZ. Lets mark all the main points of each month.

January - Worst summer holidays I've ever had. They were boring and tedious. 
February- My first time back at school after 2 1/2 years.
March- settling in a making 'firm' friends with some girls. 
April- Having a fall out with those girls- I don't know what I said/did. 
May- Making close friends with a group of girls. These became my five best friends.
June & July - I think this was when I joined a sports exchange, playing soccer in a team with these really horrible girls. My billet was to sick to come down to stay, which was gutting. 
August- Choose the school I was going to change to next year.
September- Went to Wellington for a nation competition I was entered in. My team and I had be in a extension since term one working on this. (We were Team A, out 5 or 6 teams) We came third in our division :(
October & November- Got involved back stage in my school production, made some great friends, and had fun.
December- Winding down from the year, avoiding anyone expect my five besties, and being a bit withdraw from activities.

This year has to be the most challenging year of my life. I made many good friends, and fell out with some. Got fit, had some laughs. Found out what its like to be in a large school. Really went out of my comfort zone.

But really, this is year never to be forgoten. 

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