Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bucket list 2014

Summer reading program
Keep a journal
Visit Grandparents and cousins 
Go fishing
Get a tan
Exercise everyday
Camp in the backyard
Build fairy houses
Make a sun dress
Hang up paints and art
Write messages on road/sidewalk
Make a recipe
Have a picnic
Eat homegrown fruit
Swim in the sea
Go and see a movie in the theatres
Play board games
Do a jigsaw
Get highlights
Use up gift cards
Get a pen pal
Puppet show
Take heaps of photos
Get my tooth fix
Water ballon fight
Carve name in tree
Make a fort
Get a pedicure
Fly my kite
Find a waterfall
Make a mini waterfall
Read heaps
Star gaze
Visit a light house
Wade in the creek
Make ginger beer
Nature hike
Dance in the rain
Learn a new song
Play my cello
Have fun with my BFF
Tea party
Write letters
Make a book nook
melt crayons
Read a book to a kid
Learn phrases in another language
Learn some quirky words
My my ‘look’
Play dress up
Have a harry potter movie marathon
Go to a concert
Let of a firework
Read on a boat
Go on a train ride
Find pictures in the clouds
Write a story
Nature art
Trace shadows at different times of the day
Make ice blocks
build a teepee
Farmers market
Make a kite
Feed the birds
Get a cat
Learn how to ride a skate board/roller blades or skates
Write a life story
Learn a new sport
PJ day
Go on a picnic
Lemonade stand
Family board game
Family swimming
Make a scrapbook
Pet rocks
Make my own garden
Jump on the tramp
Tie dye my clothes
Make a sand castle
Lego movie

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