Friday, 27 December 2013

First Impressions

This blogpost is about....
Yep, thats right. Please tell you've heard of them. For me, it's one of those band names I just know. And have always known. I only really knew their song Yellow, and my mother and singing 'And it was alllll yellowwwww', did not make me want to listen or like this song. I always thought....
A week or two ago, my sister played me their song Paradise  & Princess of China (ft Rihanna). Omg, it was love at first sight. Well more for Paradise, I'm not so sure about Princess of China. My sis and I bought both these songs, and I think my family wishes we hadn't. (I'm sure you can guess why ;)

So yes, first impressions or what you have alway thought, 
can't always be right. Or in my case, up to date. 
This is why this post is called....
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy new year Mazie.

All pictures except no.1 are made by me, so no stealing. Please.

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