Sunday, 29 December 2013

Give - nah, we'd rather ruin it.

I was in the back car park of our local Rebel Sports, waiting for my parents to finish shopping for sports clothes. I was so bored. After about ten minutes of waiting, two ladies came out. One had a large amount of bubble wrap, which she dropped everywhere, and then had to chase around the car park. The other had a trolley, full with those really big umbrellas you put over outside tables, and some cardboard tubes. She threw all the tubes out, any other junk in the bottom of her trolley. 

By this time the bubble wrap lady had gone inside. The remaining lady was pulling out the umbrellas of her trolley. These were brand new, no use, but hadn't sold. Maybe there was a little something wrong with them. Still usable. As I watched, she pulled out a craft knife, opened the umbrellas and slashed them, tearing the fabric. Wreaking them. I was horrified! What kind of shop would rather ruin something beyond repair, than give it away to a second hand shop, or sell it for $10 or $20. They are so stuck to the principal that you must sell at the price they want, or not sell it at all. Disgusted and shocked.

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