Monday, 29 April 2013

Sleepover -Dangerous and disastrous. [Part 3]

And you thought it was over. Nope. One more night. Just one. Them some 'me time' which is much needed. It is time of sitting and thinking. I love to think. I think until I get alllll confused.  Anyway. Sleepover. Today I woke, and soft boiled eggs for both of us. I can't remember what happened after that really. They [Friend and Sister] went in a loooong bike ride, while I ran, so I'm fit for cross country in week four, term two.  We watched 'The railway children' [awful movie] and cleaned the house. We had an hour 'quiet time' where you go to you room and don't talk. We watched 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' again. And played a fun card game called hit the deck. And went to bed. I guess it's just one more night and until tomorrow lunch that My Darlin' friend will be here. I feel so exhausted. Emotional. I mean, I can not even type proper, let alone spell tbe word I want to use.
Good night New Zealand.

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