Saturday, 2 November 2013


I was looking through my iPhoto, and found some lovely photos.
My second fav. The smoke, the fire, the grass, the trees.  
Not quite as good as below. Tell me which one is your fav!
Grass and smoke. Taken lying down.
You can get some really get pic from down here. Join me one day.

More SMOKE!! 
Same as below, but slightly more to the left.  
Same as above the above, but slightly more to the right.
Not sure if i like the whole grass-in-front-of-the-camera thing  
 Love this one (above) 'cause it look like it has the sepia effect on it.
 Long grass. Love running in it. The feeling of freedom. But it's not so nice when you trip in a hole :x
Love this one (above) 'cause it also looks like it has the sepia effect on it.
 The rangers behind my house! (above)
 Me (above)
 Me (above)
 Love this one =D
 I took these (above and below) while in a car, and I love the way it seems like...You know in movies, how sometimes people see a place, and then they remember how it once was? Like that!
In this photo (above), the background is not blurred, and the front has like faint animals, like in the fire at the start of the first Narnia. You probably can't see them :) 
This photo is the same. The grass and fence are blurred, yet still the hills are not. I think this is more of a motion blur, but it still looks mystical.

Taken by Me and my buddy Wild Horse @

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  1. Most of those I took with my new camera just after my birthday when we had that bonfire :)
    Thanks for admiring my incredible skill xD


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