About me

Me flyin' my kite.

When someone asks, "How would you describe yourself, your life, what you enjoy, what your pet peeves are...?" I never know what to say. I mean yea, my name is Mazie, and I'm a girl, I have short brown hair, and blue eyes, but surly thats not who I am? Or is it? What is it about me, (myself and I) that makes me different from every other person?

A paragraph about Mazie (written third person)
Mazie is a gorgeous, young smart...    Mazie is a girl, with a beautiful bubbly personality. She loves to hang with her very large  group of friends. Mazie is reasonably athletic, enjoying sports such as football and golf croquet. In her spare time Mazie blogs, reads, exercises her thumbs, and many other things. She enjoys school, sewing, and getting mail. In the weekends she gets up early late after good sleep in. 

I hope this has explained a bit about me and who I really am...dun dun duuuuuuun

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