Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sleep overs- Dangerous and Disasterous [Part 1]

I have this good friend, that I have known for a very long time. All my life. About two or more times a year, she comes over for a sleep over. My overly energetic friend came to stay for two whole days. Admit it. We all have that one friend that drives us 100% insane, within the first hour.

When she arrived, she lay on my bed, and begged to play on my iPod( which I said no to) while I quietly cleared her a place to sleep in the spare room. The I got her mattress, and made her bed. Then, I gave her half a head of terrible corn rows. Then we ate lunch, made lemonade, and played snakes and ladders. After all that, I was wasted. Like almost dead. But no, more is coming. After two hour bracelet-making, we left for the neighbors, to feed his animals while he was away. Now I ready to drop dead but still, we proceed into the garden to find nice smooth round rock, which took about an hour. Then we painted them and she called them friendship rocks. That took until dinner, so we packed up, ate, and watched a DVD. Now, it is time for me to die. From exhaustion. Goodnight New Zealand.

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