Sunday, 28 April 2013

Scelestic School Break

School break happened every afternoon when I was homeschooled. Not anymore. The oddest thing is, in school term I have, like no free time. But, when the holidays draw near, a feeling of deep dread grows in my stomach. What I don't under is, what do you do in school holidays?
People say, shopping, sleepovers, sewing, etc. I tried shopping and that went really bad. I couldn't find anything I wanted or that Sleepovers? Read 'Sleepovers - dangerous and disastrous, part one, and part two. long can you spend doing it??? Two week of sewing?? *Faints* I made paper crane families. I did a 500 piece jigsaw. I had a friend over.
That all took one week. One more week to kill.
You probably get the point. I'm one of those odd people who hate holidays, and luv school.

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